So what’s the truth about carpet cleaning? Does having them cleaned really make them get dirty quicker,  make them feel horrible and smell?

The answer is yes,  these are all common occurrences from having carpets cleaned normally by people labelling their services as ‘professional’ carpet cleaners or diy attempts.

So what happens to the carpets to make them go down hill?

20140827_101040Most carpets that have been cleaned are left with detergents in the fibre making dirt stick to the surface causing them to get dirty more quickly. This is common practice from unqualified attempts,  they normally look great once completed,  but shortly after, you regret having them done.

Wool fibres are often damaged from cleaning by non Woolsafe approved companies, meaning the wool absorbs spills and everyday dirt causing permanent damage and staining.

So should I get the carpets cleaned?

20141211_141346Yes,  from the moment you purchase a carpet or take possession of them, you need to put a maintenance program in place. Using Ipswich Carpet Care, who are a Woolsafe and IICRC qualified professional carpet cleaning company and will provide a cost to carry out the correct cleaning process, will keep them looking and feeling great year on year. The more frequently they are cleaned,  the better value the clean is and the quicker and less involved the process is.

So if you love having new carpets and want them to look their best year on year we will happily come and inspect your carpets and provide a free no – obligation quotation to maintain and remove the unwanted dirt and pollutants hiding away.

From Simple spot marks to full restoring cleans we can bring your floor covering back to life.