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Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Combination- Hot Water extractionHWE equipment will spray or inject clean hot water based rinse solutions into the fibres and then is immediately vacuumed off, carrying away the solution and suspended soil into a separate waste tank. Many machines are available to perform this task; they range from 45PSI portable machines to 3000 PSI truck mount machines.

Remember these machines only rinse the liquefied suspended soil from the carpets; a 250+ psi machine could put your carpet at high risk of damage as most HWE machines that produce over 250 PSI of solution pressure are designed for the cleaning of hard surfaces not delicate carpets.

Some carpets require this type of cleaning to ensure the manufactures warranty is adhered to.

• Pre power vacuum to all specified areas
• Move furniture
• Pre-spot removal and stain removal attempts (any areas where dust and dirt has gathered to the surface of the fibres and where sticky is a spot)
• Apply pre-spray to fibres (Woolsafe if wool or nylon fibres) to break down soil
• Agitation to the fibres by hand brush to force pre-spray deeper into fibres and turn soil into moisture.
• Hot water extraction (with acidic products if wool or nylon to ensure colours are strong and fibres feel soft) to remove pre-spray and suspended soil in fibres.
• Brush and set fibres
• Return furniture to its rightful home, put protective pads or blocks under feet to prevent dyes or rust staining the carpets.
• Carpets dry in approximately 2-4 hours.


Essential Pre-inspection

Pre-inspection and identification of a few key items of your carpets are essential




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