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Ipswich Costing and Inspection

Working to the WS1000 and IICRC S100 standards, we will need to inspect any carpet before giving costs or commencing any work so an appropriate cleaning system can be identified and then priced accordingly.

Upon arriving at your property and before we can provide any costing, we need to find out the following information about your carpets:

1.Fibre type (Wool, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Sisal, Seagrass, etc)

20140311_093825Finding out the fibre type is vitally important as the characteristics of a natural fibre carpet are completely different to that of a synthetic one. Our products all have different properties and it’s really important that we match the product to the task in hand to ensure the best possible results are achieved without fibre or backing damage, such as dye bleed and cuticle damage.

2. Construction (Woven, tufted, bonded, flocked, etc)

20140311_094045Knowing the construction of a carpet is essential to ensure a damage free service. Certain carpet constructions are liable to shrinkage, stretching, delaminating, cellulosic browning and bitumen wicking, etc.


3. Soil Levels

20140311_094215Identifying where the soil is in the fibre will determine the depth of clean we carry out to the carpet.



4. Age and Cleaning History

20140311_094326Information on the age and cleaning history of the carpet needs to be established to ensure the correct cleaning system is used. If the carpets have been cleaned before there is a good chance they will still contain a soil attracting residue and therefore be either milder or higher on the PH scale than their natural state. If the carpet has woollen fibres, the cuticle (wools natural oily protection layer) could have been damaged or even removed. The better the quality of carpet, the better it hides soil. Higher quality carpets such as woven Axminsters or Wiltons may not look as soiled to the eye as they actually are upon close inspection.

5. Environment

20140311_094511The environment around a carpet is important as other natural and unnatural factors may play a part in the soiling levels and general condition, for instance an open fire may leave a soot residue to the fibres requiring specialist removal. Damage from sun fade may also occur and affect the fibres. We need to determine whether we are dealing with a permanent or non-permanent soiling or staining.

Once we have established all the above information, we can use our knowledge, experience and expertise to tailor one of our cleaning systems to your carpet, ensuring risk free quality results that are guaranteed every time.

Free Inspection and Costing

Free Inspection and Costing

Pre-inspection and identification of a few key items of your carpets are essential

Free Inspection and Costing
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